Saturday, July 18, 2009

Folk Fest, Day One

Came to the Fest quite late last night. What follows is the gradual build-up to the madness that was Arrested Development. They played beautifully, and we all danced and sang along as if no one was watching. Can't remember when was the last time I've heard a band sound so tight and sweet in a live setting.


  1. That is sooo wonderful... I wanna be there!
    Since you said 'Day One' I am assuming there are more - lucky you!
    Enjoy it to the full, and please send a happy thought to rainy ol' England

  2. Lovely photos, Alex! You and Milanka really know how to cut up the grass(rug). :)

  3. The Folk Festival lasted three days. We're now gearing up for the Festival of Lights -- basically a fireworks competition. It will be ongoing for the next ten days or so; it can get pretty intense, with sometimes spectacular results.