Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vancouver Downtown, Sunday Afternoon

Spending sunny afternoon in downtown area, where everything seems to be under heavy construction.

Jazz Does Not Smell Funny, It's Dead!

Today we went to Gastown to enjoy some performances at the Vancouver Jazz Festival. The music was not that good, so we just strolled around. Managed to capture a few interesting shots along the way.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Cage

After attending the Greek festival, we headed toward the "Banyen Books and Sounds", the bookstore that specializes in offering huge selection of spiritual literature and artifacts. On the stroll to the Banyen books, we spotted this beautiful cage:

When arriving at Banyen books, it looked to me like yet another cage. This time, it wasn't a cage for birds, it was a cage for people who hope in vain to find the refuge in spiritualism, and to escape life's problems and travails by purchasing a ticket to enlightenment.

It may look deceptively beautiful from the outside, but a cage is still just a cage. Beware spiritually smug people!

Greek Fest for Father's Day in Vancouver

Yesterday I managed to miss the Dragon Boat Festival, and today I went out to have a good time for Father's Day and ran into the Greek celebration. What the...?