Monday, June 15, 2009

Vancouver Phlog Launched

Welcome to the Vancouver phlog (photo blog). This blog is dedicated to the beauty and the ugliness of this marvelous city, situated on the confluence of Pacific Ocean, southern BC mountains, and the great Fraser river.

Our journey begins Sunday, June 14, 2009, when the city opened up several of its most prominent streets to pedestrians. This Car Free Day coincided with one of the most gorgeous spring days in recent memory. The day was brilliant, and the people were brilliant too.

Here are some snapshots I hastily took on the Main street (my neighborhood).


  1. Ahhh - fantasic photo essay, Alex! I felt like I was there. It's so important to document these small vital steps forward. -HorseArcher

  2. Is there a month without a party, just visited July blog...
    And is there a month without sunshine?
    Why am I here in good ol'England? No party, no sunshine...

    Enjoy it! Brilliant photos!

  3. Thanks Rika. Vancouver seems to be turning into a giant party town. Yesterday, for example, my daughter was torn, not being able to decide which street party to attend. There are happenings taking place all over the city!

    Hopefully, the summer will continue with full magnitude, and we'll continue partying like crazy:)